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Technology used:

Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Engagement Cloud, Oracle CPQ Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud

Nuvias are a Value Added Distributor of IT solutions and services. The result of a merger of a number of businesses coming together under a single brand, led by the Rigby investment group. Nuvias needed a unified platform across the organisation to improve lead management, opportunity management, pricing accuracy and approvals.

Enigen designed a data driven ‘cock pit’ which allowed the sales users to log in to get a holistic view of their pipeline, customer orders, and contracts.

The solution enabled a single sales representative to be able to sell a broad range of offerings, with technology lead guided selling, offering add ons for the right product at the right time, as well as ‘recommended’ solutions, to increase margin and sales revenue.

Orders were then pushed through the integration architecture to their Finance systems.

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Technology used:

Oracle Commerce Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud

FLSmidth are a global market-leading supplier of engineering, equipment and service solutions. With changing demands in client expectations, cost of sale, and the associated benefits of increasing connectivity the company saw an opportunity to pioneer a change in business model.

Traditionally large mills and crushers were sold by account managers, as had been the case with the addition of spare parts and smaller products. The latter created an operational challenge around time to market and cost of sale, whilst not delivering ease of procurement at time of demand for a customer.

The objective was to create a self-service purchasing portal, allowing clients to by spare parts and products from site in real time when needed.

The portal, based on Oracle Commerce Cloud sells equipment and parts for Cement and mining industries.

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The Manufacturing Experience Cloud

Our aim is to make it simpler for manufacturers to transform their businesses in an age of digitisation and Industry 4.0. Leaning on Enigen’s in-depth Manufacturing knowledge, and the power of Oracle’s industry leading CX technology, we introduce the Manufacturing Experience Cloud:

A data-driven connected platform, bringing together the power of Industry 4.0 in to a robust, process enabled set of tools to drive better customer experiences and enable new revenue models.

web shops for products, parts and rentals

Internet connectivity drives the opportunity for digitising. In manufacturing that means customers want new channels for procuring equipment, products, parts and even services and labour online and in real time.

Our eCommerce based web shops are designed to give the customer control by offering transactional solutions, subscriptions, or complex configurations which might previously have been challenging.

Web shops can now give customers the power to self-procure people and workflow heavy services that are built-to-order (BTO), configure-to-order (CTO) and engineer-to-order (ETO) by building in the knowledge to the technology, and linking it to the manufacturing and distribution channels.

Configuration, Pricing and Quoting Automation

A manufacturer often uses multiple sales channels to sell their goods and services, such as inside sales, mobile field sales, distributors, and resellers.

Digital is giving the sector a huge opportunity for tighter margin management, and standardisation to provide much better insight and profitability. You can empower your employees and customers to configure complex products, solutions or deals through technology led coaching.

Create built in, powerful pricing strategies that give you the best chance of winning the business at the right price.

Deliver the quote quickly, feed it back to finance and provisioning, without major dependencies on human and system admin that create costs in time, money and human error.

Servitisation and Subscription Models

The subscription economy is with us, and the opportunities in Manufacturing are vast. Greater customer contact and access to structured data offers us the ability to create new revenue models.

Goods bought today may have associated parts, ‘add-ons’, or services. These services, such as support may have different levels, and those levels may themselves have different offerings.

For the customer, their needs can change. Our subscription management capabilities designed for manufacturers allow you to create different offerings that change over time, can be upgraded or downgraded, and for a customer, possibilities to buy on consumption with associated billing.

Linked with IoT data, and predictive maintenance services, offerings can be initiated at the point of criticality, creating huge opportunities for leasing and rental models.

Customer Service led engineering

In the new world of the Data-Driven Value Chain, customer service has transformed itself in to not only a sales channel, but a design department that influences product development, using it to deliver tighter customer relationships.

Industry 4.0 enables more efficient integration of customer inputs to the overall production process, streamlining the series of steps from the design to delivery.

Manufacturers know that one of the quickest ways to build credibility with customers is to listen to their complaints, unique requirements and needs, and then include their feedback in future products, typically focusing development effort and optimising cost for a better product.

What is important is to do it through the channel the customer requires, as and when they need it. We feed in integrated knowledge, chat bots and digital assistants, on top of best-in-class case management and field service technology.

IoT, Augmented Reality and Predictive Maintenance

The Internet of Things (IoT) are networks of connected devices that communicate data to a central system in order understand its relevance.

This focus on the interconnectivity and data provided by the terminals, sensors, and other systems on the factory floor and in the goods produced, offer a raft of opportunities to the manufacturer.

Our IoT technologies enable manufacturers to review and address performance of their products in operation in customer environments, offer new service models such as predictive maintenance, and feed visualisation capability to deconstruct machinery remotely to support remote engineers, or online customer purchasing decisions.

Augmented reality can help highlight the performance of the product line, and their actual operation in varying environments to make more empowered purchasing decisions and service delivery.

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